Naked in Death

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I am well over twenty years behind, with close to 50 In Death books written so far, but here I go with Naked in Death. I am delighted to have started this very successful and long-running series with an audiobook narrated by Susan Ericksen. I first downloaded this book eight years ago. Finally I had the pleasure of listening to it.

Classically listed as a detective fiction, or as a suspense, this book, as well as this entire series by J.D. Robb could easily be classified as romantic suspense. Also, it is set it 2058, so there is definitely a futuristic edge to it.

Eve and Roarke meet for the first time due to a very delicate situation. They have murder between them. They also share something just as dangerous, a powerful attraction to one another. While this may seem formulaic, it is far from it. Beyond the inevitable romance that occurs between Roarke and Eve, this story is about several women brutally murdered with Eve on the case. Circumstances initially point to Roarke. Eve is forced to push past what draws her to Roarke in order to effectively get to the bottom of these murders.

If this was a new series at this point in time, I might be reluctant to say that Eve quickly realizes that Roarke is not the murderer. After all, after dozens of books in this series, Eve and Roarke are still together, going strong.

There are nice aspects to this futuristic series, including the lifestyles, weapons, methods of travel, among other things. These things are not focal points, however. What we have here is a very-well written introduction to these two powerful characters. We learn about who Eve is, her tragic past, and what makes her tick. Then, of course, there is Roarke, an ultra-sexy Irishman who is richer than rich. There is plenty of action, intrigue and romance to keep you interested in this book.

Naked in Death was a fantastic mystery and I was able to enjoy listening to it in just a couple of sessions. It was really difficult to put down as the intrigue, twists and turns, as well as an incredible conclusion, all worked flawlessly to create a truly engaging book. I am very glad to have finally read it and am eager to take as long as it takes to read the entire series.

The next book in the series is Glory in Death, originally released in 1995. There are 48 books until February 5, 2019, which is entitled Connections in Death.

Please note: As the manner of the murders is indeed gruesome, at times the story is rather sensitive.