The Perfect Mother

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Wow! What a read! Imagine a group of very young mothers who get together just to compare notes, pretty much. That is about it. Is my baby reaching the right milestones? Am I feeling like I am supposed to? What is your birth story? Questions like that are explored.

The women in this group, called The May Mothers, found each other online and get together twice weekly to explore these very topics and so much more. The problem is that they really do not go beyond the surface and don't really know one another all that well. This brings very heavy consequences when, after much cajoling, they agree to go out without the babies. They go to a fun bar, and before the night is out, one of their babies has disappeared from his crib.

While suspicion goes round and round, at least three of the women go about trying to find out their own answers. We have a rapid successions of many questions, with very few answers. As a reader, I certainly developed my own suspect, or suspects, depending on where I was reading the story. However, the conclusion is the ultimate shocker and really caught me off guard.

The Perfect Mother by Aimee Molloy is her very first novel! Wow! What a fantastic writer! She pens a captivating story. A true psychological thriller that most certainly keep you on the edge of my seat as I was. I loved being forced to make what I thought were intelligent guesses, yet being completely thrown off each time. It is always my pleasure when an author can do that to me! I so look forward to keeping my eyes out for any future books that Aimee Molloy pens. This book comes highly recommended. It is one not to be missed!

As mentioned above, this book has been adapted for a movie starring Kerry Washington. It should be a fantastic collaboration and is one I am most certainly looking forward to seeing.