While the Duke Was Sleeping

While the Duke Was Sleeping - Sophie Jordan My rating: 4.5 Stars

How far would you let a fantasy go? Poppy Fairchurch is forced to answer that very question. As a girl in a flower shop, her marriage options are quite limited. She dreams big, however, especially when it comes to the Duke of Autenberry. She fancies herself in love with him. Saving the Duke from a fight and an impending carriage accident leads Poppy down a very interesting trail. When she immediately runs into his handsome, bastard half-brother Stuan MacKenzie.

It doesn't take Poppy long after meeting Struan for her to realize that this man might actually be the man of her dreams, not the Duke. How awkward for her, especially, because there is a twist to her infatuation with the Duke. She tells his family that she is his fiance and they believe her. All but Struan. One look into Poppy's eyes and Struan just knows she is lying - and that he is incredibly drawn to her.

Sound familiar at all? Remember the blockbuster hit While You Were Sleeping? Yes, indeed. This retelling of that story was done with flair. I was drawn in from the first page and didn't let up with this book until I completed it.

I adored Poppy. Not only did she make the perfect heroine, she was the opposite of hapless. Not only was she extremely resourceful, but her role as a big sister made me smile more than once. Struan was pretty terrific too. He was a sexy Scot, and a self-made man, despite his illegitimate status. The Duke was fun, although he pretty much slept through the entire book. Imagine waking up engaged! The rest of the cast of characters were a delight as well. All in all, a terrific story and makes me want to carve out time to watch the related film.

While the Duke Was Sleeping is the first book in The Rogue Files series. It is followed by The Scandal of it All (2017), The Duke Buys a Bride (2018), and This Scot of Mine, which will be released in March, 2019.

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