Absolute Trust

Absolute Trust - Piper J. Drake Brandon Forte has returned to his hometown and is running a training facility for military dogs, the Search and Protect Corporation. He is working alongside two other men previously in the military. Although he never makes it clear to her, the reason Brandon returned is to be close to Sophie Kim. They went to high school together and have remained good friends. Alienated since he joined the service, Brandon would like to become more than friends.

What Brandon doesn't know is that Sophie wants exactly the same thing. However, neither is prepared to be up front about it. Due to an explosion that almost took Sophie's life, Brandon becomes her protector, alongside his dog, Haydn. Haydn is in need of physical therapy as he had to have his front left leg replaced. Brandon's primary job is to rehabilitate Haydn.

The explosion was not an accident and Sophie's safety is in question, so Brandon and his team devise a plan. This is critical because while they try and decide who could be after Sophie, they cannot help to worry about the other women whose lives were previously threatened. Forced to now spend time together at this time gives both Brandon and Sophie the opportunity to tell each other how they feel.

Sophie has other major concerns. She has been all but forced to become an accountant to please her demanding family, but she has always had hopes of opening a bed and breakfast. If they won't let her live that dream, could they be the reason Brandon and Sophie didn't make it as a couple while in high school, then as adults?

This is a fast-paced story, filled with suspense and danger, as well as the budding romance developing between Sophie and Brandon. Her fears, the aftermath of Brandon's time in the service, and his reticence in believing he is the man Sophie needs and Haydn's rehab are all handled well during the pages of this engaging read. Also, readers cannot forget the cat that Sophie adopts. I have enjoyed the first two books of the series, and am reading the fourth. Piper J. Drake is an author to follow.

The other books in the True Heroes series are Extreme Honor, Ultimate Courage, Winter Valor (novella), Total Bravery, Fierce Justice and Forever Strong. Each book contains a separate story, with recurring characters, yet they do well as standalones.