Gone Girl: A Novel

Gone Girl: A Novel - Gillian Flynn The fifth wedding anniversary is supposed to be a good one, right? Not so for Nick and Amy Dunne.The celebration is about to be in force when suddenly Amy disappears. Nick claims complete innocence, yet he has a lot to hide, making the police believe that he is behind whatever happened to Amy. However, in alternating chapters Amy's diary entries are relayed and it becomes clear that something far more sinister has happened.

Despite his lies and any evidence mounting, Nick stands by the fact that he is innocent. The only person who believes him is his twin sister Margo. While things go back and forth - and lies and secrets abound - it is debatable as to what really is going on.

The story is certainly twisty! Neither Nick nor Amy are likeable in this admittedly compelling read. Simply put, Amy is crazy. Nick wouldn't win any awards either. I read this book in just a few sittings because I just had to know how things would evolve and eventually settle. Would the perpetrator get his or her dues?

Gillian Flynn certainly has a knack for writing and I cannot wait to read her other offerings. Despite the fact thatGone Girl was nearly impossible to put down, and the drama never ceased along some definite surprises on the way, the ending left me a bit unsatisfied.