A Darkness Absolute

A Darkness Absolute - Kelley Armstrong My Rating: 4.5 Stars

When we last met Casey Duncan, a homicide detective, she was successful in solving the first-ever murder in the town of Rockton. Casey moved to Rockton due to very special circumstances. Rockton is a community where criminals - for just about any reason - can find refuge - for a fee and for a time limit. Living in Rockton is not easy for Casey, or anyone else, because there is no Internet, cell phones, mail, electricity and other amenities. People cannot even enter or leave Rockton without the permission of the council.

In this case, one of the town's members has gotten a bit stir crazy and has fled into the woods and has become stranded in a blizzard. This is rather a good thing, because they discover a woman that was missing for over a year. While they are able to rescue her, sadly the bodies of two other women are discovered. Who is responsible? Could it be a town member, or perhaps an outsider that has managed to escape the radar? What about other women? Are they safe?

At this rate, Casey and Eric Dalton, the town's sheriff, have become a regular thing, although there were indeed complications. One of those complications is Anders, the town's Deputy. Quite naturally, since Casey and Anders work together, she got to know him a little bit. But, during this current case, she sees a bit more of him and that certainly opens her eyes. Beyond that, there is this case. Who took the women, who are responsible for the murders, and what else could possibly be in store?

The woman they found, Nicole Chavez, experienced unspeakable horrors and now they must protect her until the very dangerous character can be located. Casey is unstoppable, as is Eric, and they are relentless in their search and do their darnedest to protect the residents of their unique town. As I read the first book in the series just a couple of days before reading this, Casey, Eric, Danvers and some of the town's members, like Diana, were more than familiar. So, despite the darkness of the story, the relationships were intriguing enough to establish an excellent balance. Add to this, excellent storytelling and pacing, and this is a read that should not be missed.

It would be far too easy to go on and on about this engaging read. It is full of suspense and darkness, but gives enough light to have made me rush into the next two books in the Rockton series. Although each story in the could likely stand on its own, it would be best served to read the series in order. The other books are City of the Lost, This Fallen Prey and Watcher in the Woods. The series is set to continue.